Civilian Program


Barriers to mass gatherings

If you are organizing an outdoor event, it is important that you first and foremost ensure the safety of participants and visitors.

A highly effective and easy way to do this is to set up mobile fences of different types depending on your needs.

Mobile fences, also known as pedestrian barriers, are an ideal and fast solution for temporary fencing.

For this reason, they are an indispensable means of controlling movement at all types of public gatherings, such as: sports competitions, parades, gatherings and outdoor festivals.

Barriers effectively create and unfold queues and direct pedestrian movement, or restrict pedestrian zones, parking, park, gathering, access to the stage…
They serve as a physical as well as a psychological barrier by marking restricted areas.


Our mobile fences are:
– Solid – made of quality material,
– Stable – have legs for stability
– Resistant to the outside – protected from corrosion by hot dip galvanizing, so they can stand anywhere outdoors,
– Durable – due to material strength, quality of workmanship and adequate protection, suitable for long-term use,
– Handling lakes – easy to mount and dismantle,
– Safe for users,
– Effective as physical barriers – have the ability to interconnect and continue in series, which provides additional strength,
– Suitable for concrete and turf,
– do not damage the substrate – do not require drilling holes or laying foundations in order to be fixed,
– Easy to dispose of – when not in use, does not take up much space.

Overhaul of hunting rifles

Precision in work, love of work and constant refinement have contributed to TRB’s extensive experience and quality of repairing hunting rifles.

We offer the following services:
– Pipe replacement
– Corrosion protection
– Installation of hunting sights
– Impact needle replacement
– Installation of picantini rail for optical sight
– Other repairs and services
All of these services are part of the general overhaul of hunting weapons, which TRB has been providing for many years.

Materials production and processing services
TRB provides design and processing services, offering guaranteed quality and professionalism.
We are able to offer the following services:
– Machining and processing of positions by drawing
On CNC machines, universal milling machines, lathes, horizontal drills, grinders …

– Cylindrical and tapered gears
Maximum diameter fi = 1200,
Maximum module M = 14, on special gear machines

– Worm gears
Up to 590 mm in diameter

– Corrosion protection – abrasion

– Production
Shafts, pulleys, half ring couplings, axles or axles for agricultural and construction machinery up to 4000 mm in length and machining diameter fi 500…

– Welding
Gas, electro-arc, MIG and TIG in argon shielding gas atmosphere

– Thermal treatment
Annealing, tempering, improving, cementing…