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TRB Diving Team
Diving training and certification of five members of the Police Support Unit of Bijeljina

TRB Diving Team is the Company of Underwater Activities, based in Bijeljina (Republika Srpska).

Professional diving courses, conducted according to world standards, offer a true and safe option in acquiring knowledge as well as perfecting already existing diving skills.

With great pleasure, members of the Police Support Unit of Bijeljina were admitted to the training.

Knowing the fact that without proper education, they can easily find themselves in danger by performing their duties, which sometimes require underwater guidance, the TRB Diving Team enabled them with the right knowledge and skills to dive safely.

Each of the courses is based on the proven methodology - SSI Diver Diamond. And in order for the course to be passed and obtained the certificate, it is necessary to fill in four elements: knowledge, skills, equipment and experience.

Five members of the Support Unit of the PU Bijeljina successfully completed the diving training in October 2017, which was implemented according to the already mentioned SSI standard, which is also done by the diving team of the Gendarmerie, and after the 28th of December, they were officially recognized for the Open Water Diver (OWD) category.

The plan is to continue the training, by conducting specialist courses.

Expertise and acquired readiness in underwater activities will definitely mean a lot to the boys.


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