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Vehicle systems

TRB delivers modern solutions resulting from 60 years of continuous military support operations. General overhaul of combat vehicles has an important place amidst the strategic plans of each army. Successful performance of this function is conditioned with modern equipment capacity, the existence of specialized personnel and the application of new technologies at all levels from maintenance of technical inspection to general overhaul.

We are experienced in overhauling combat vehicles such as:

    Tracked combat vehicles:

  • Tanks
  • Armored and tracked vehicles
  • Self-propelled artillery

    Wheeled combat vehicles:

  • Armored cars and carriers
  • Special cars (command cars)

Services for vehicle systems

  • Overhaul, Refurbishment and Remanufacture
  • Custom Upgrade
  • Armouring of Construction Vehicles
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Technical Trainings
  • Defensive Driving Courses


  • Upgrade of existing assets
  • Modification of own/client systems to meet operational requirements


  • Guaranteed delivery of spares up to 15 years, based upon a jointly-developed catalogue of systems and items identified.


  • Independent audit and assessment of work standards and practices with product quality development via continuous monitoring and assessments.


  • Committed to building and expanding national capacities via specialist courses and “train the trainer” programs tailored to the client’s needs


  • Fostering trust and creativity by sharing a joint objective of delivering the best service at the best price and in a manner that best suits the client’s objectives