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MH -17

The concept of the demining machine MH-17 was based on experience in the production of machines MH-05, the experience of using the MH-05 machine at demining sites in BIH and Sudan, maintaining machines MH-05 in BIH as well as in Sudan, tracking different machine solutions for demining of other manufacturers through data from the catalog of the International Geneva Center for Humanitarian Demining and international presentations of demining machines, and monitoring of testing of all machines that work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, carried out by the Mine Action Center in BIH.

We have made improvements in terms of comfort, machine handling, protection against explosion, productivity and design.

Some of the basic characteristics of the MH-17 machine

Mass and dimensions

  •   Machine mass with demining tools:
  •   Machine mass without demining tools:
  •   Machine length without tools:
  •   Machine width without tools:
  •   Machine height:
  •   Machine length with demining tool:
  •   Machine handling:

  • 15,5 t
  • 13,5 t
  • 6,1 m
  • 2,28 m
  • 2,52 m
  • 7,34 m
  • Directly from the shielded cabin
    Remote control (optional)

Machine mobility

  •   Minimum and maximum speed of movement:
  • 0.1km / h- 5 km / h


  •   Mark and model type:
  •   Fuel:
  •   Configuration:
  • diesel
  • Line, 6 cylinders, four-stroke

Machine drive

  • Drive type - hydraulic, two independent hydrostatic drives

Working tool for demining

  •   Tool weight:
  •   Overall tool width:
  •   Working width:
  •   Power on the tool:
  •   Direction of rotation:
  •   Bucket type:
  • <2 t
  • 2,95 m
  • 2,5 m
  • 200 kW
  • both directions
  • BlastTip NT96

Ballistic protection

  • The cabin consists of two layers of reinforced 5 mm tin and 40 mm reinforced glass / according to EN 1522/1063 standard; STANAG 4569 / AEP55 standard
  • Lower part of the machine chassis: armored plate 8 mm
  • The upper part of the machine chassis: armored plate 3 mm

Operator comfort

  • Elastic suspension of the cab to protect against vibration
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Air-conditioned cabin
  • Seats have adjustable elastic support, seat height adjustment, headrest adjustment, backrest inclination, adjustment and movement of seat back-forward.
  • Good visibility through tinted glass panes on the front, side and rear sides of the cabin


  • The mass of the machine is about 15.5 t
  • It belongs to the middle category of machines according to international standards for classification of humanitarian demining (IMAS).
  • It enables the loading of a machine with a set of work tools and spare parts in a 40-pallet container, suitable for road transport, either in a container or without, or on standard truck trailers.


  • Recognizable for its quality, reliability and durability
  • Produced in accordance with strict quality standards
  • Support is provided through CAT's global network of distributors


    At the request of the client TRB organizes:

  • Training (theoretical and practical) for personal handling the machine
  • Training (theoretical and practical), for staff and machine maintenance


  • Instructions for handling the machine
  • Instructions for machine maintenance
  • Catalog of spare parts
  • Specification of the required standard and special tools and equipment for maintenance of the machine
  • Specification of recommended spare parts for a certain period of use of the machine
  • Specification of the consumables for the machine


To solve Bosnia and Herzegovina’s problem of post-war mine contamination, the implementation of Mechanical Demining Machine (MDM) began, as they proved to be the most adequate clearance solutions. A few machines were used before, but proved to be either inefficient, or effective but far too expensive. It was obvious that what was needed was the production of new MDMs that would both meet the international demining standards and come at a reasonable cost. To meet those requirements, we brought together a group of skilful military mechanical engineers with decades of experience in design and maintenance of such machines and their use in the process of humanitarian demining. We created MH - 05.

Over 10.000.000 m2 were cleared during the last 10 years on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina with MH-05 machines.


Today, machines are in use by military units in Balkans and by the National Mine Action Centre, Sudan. With years of experience and expertise, the company is an ideal partner in dealing with humanitarian demining with the use of mechanical demining machines .

    Our Specialty

  • MDM manufacture
  • MDM maintenance
  • MH-05 leasing with crew
  • Reconstruction of other manufacturers’ machines
  • MDM spare parts’ and consumables’ production and delivery


  • Research, Design & Development
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul of Demining Systems
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Custom Upgrade of Demining Systems
  • Technical Trainings and Skills Transfer Programs

    Our Capacities

  • High quality product with proven experience over more than 12 years
  • Well-functioning manufacture system
  • Well-organized staff training system and quality technical documentation
  • Experienced design team
  • Experienced team of operators in humanitarian demining operations
  • Experienced all-level maintenance team
  • Spare parts and consumables procurement capacities

    Our Process

  • Machines manufacture
  • Custom design
  • Constant improvement with innovations
  • User review analysis
  • User requirements analysis
  • Other vendor solutions analysis