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Mobile Protective Guard House

MPGH is a mobile security-room with bullet blast protection for up to two people. It was developed under the engineering leadership of a highly experienced team.
Incorporating German technology of industry-tested and accepted materials into a proprietary design it is a highly durable yet low maintenance utility solution. Although mobile, the all-steel construction of the MPGH allows for the same practicalities of permanent and semi-permanent installations. This allows the asset to be deployed in numerous environments and to fulfil a number of potential roles, as it was made for security on the move.


  •  Utility solution: mobile or semi-permanent
  •  Easily deployable
  •  Very high personnel protection
  •  Ballistic protection according to NATO standard
  •  (STANAG 4569 Level 3 7.62 x54R FMJ / PB / HCl)
  •  Suitable for up to 2 people
  •  Low weight (less than 1600 KG)
  •  Dimensions: 2 m height 1.3 m width
  •  Panoramic armored window
  •  Integrated ventilation and secure locking
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Stackable for storage
  •  Easy to upgrade & integrate, with wider security network and infrastructure
  •  Individual solutions can be designed according to customer specification

Highly mobile system for:

  Military encampments

  Police and military checkpoints


  Industrial parks and residential compounds

  Embassy grounds and other security-related private land and buildings

  Critical national infrastructure (e.g. oil production and refining)

MPGH / TRB Solutions

TRB retains the capability to design custom-made physical and technical security solutions tailored to mitigate latent threat and function effectively in the prevailing operating environment. Upgrades are available to the MPGH as an individual asset, and can include integration and interoperability with a wider security network. TRB has the expertise to design a complete technological security solution to include:

  Ground Radar Systems

  Fiber Optic Sensing

  Thermal Sensing & Imaging

  Video Surveillance

  Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  Automatic Foreign Object Detection

MPGH Key Features

  • Highly flexible
  • Defined protection level according to STANAG 4569
  • Very high personnel protection and established in a very short time frame
  • Development and Design
  • Components Selection