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Mobile Flex Power for military as well as for civil applications

Without water and without power, there is no infrastructure. When it comes to remote locations and construction areas, wherever they might be, an easy access to utility supplies becomes a priority. MFP is a complete mobile solution for access to drinking water, water-irrigation and electrical power for all its customers. MFP contains a fully automatic Energy Management System which includes a water treatment system that is operated by an independent diesel generator and combined with a PV panel system and a small wind turbine generator. When focusing on renewable energy sources, we can decrease the work of included diesel generator unit, while guaranteeing maximum mobility and flexibility, to meet our customer's’ requirements.


  Access to power and water

  Stand-Alone water and energy supply 24/7

  Field-irrigation with direct water supply or water storage systems

  Absolute resistance to environmental influences like dust, salt and sandstorms

  Permanent system monitoring

  Cost saving transport via usage of standardized ISO containers

  High quality design and engineering “Made in Europe"


Water Tratment

  Provides water for 1800 persons per day (with average consumption of 50l/day, per person)

  Output value for consumer supply: up to 100 m3 /d

  Water storage: mobile bulk water tanks or water towers

Power Production

  Output value for consumer supply: up to 100 kW

  Container data: TEU or FTU Intermodal container

  Energy sources: diesel, PV, wind

  Energy storage: up to 575 kWh


  • Plug & operate
  • Mobile
  • Flexible
  • Independent
  • Modular
  • Economical
  • Secured
  • Service friendly
  • Time saving
  • Emission saving
  • Training included

    Application Areas:

  • Military grounds
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Datacenters
  • Civil and public grounds
  • Farms
  • Islands
  • Hotels
  • Resorts