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B.A.N. is created to bring a maximum of security into access control.

TRB’s B.A.N. is a highly sophisticated solution which provides a centralized system for access control, based on polycarbonate cards with contactless chips and RFID (Radio-frequency identification). It is state of the art technology compared to existing legacy, old and traditional systems, bringing new standards of highly secure, interoperable, adaptable and reliable access control solutions.

Device Models

  • B.A.N. TRB-AD01 Biometric contactless card reader
  • B.A.N. TRB-AD02 Biometric contactless card reader with fingerprint scanner

Basic Facts

  • The world’s first biometric card reader, based on polycarbonate smart cards with contactless chip
  • B.A.N. stores all biometric and personal user data in a central database, compared to all other known devices which use internal memory for data storage
  • Made of “frozen identity principles” – one user one identity, without fraud possibilities
  • System fully integrated with other surrounding systems (Security, Access, Video surveillance, ERP…)
  • System as a part of unique Security based ERP solution “FORT€S”, specialized for military standards
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Applicable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Communication between reader and card is cryptography protected.


  • Polycarbonate Access Cards consist of 10 foil layers
  • 10 years card durability
  • Dimensions according to ISO 7810 standard
  • Wide palette of security elements – micro text, guilloche, hologram, OVD, OVI color, shadow image etc.
  • Contactless chip with full cryptography and e-Government features


  • First company which provides biometric access control solutions based on a centralized system integrated into HR services and ERP systems
  • Technical implementation and support team consist of experts in biometric and security area, with more than 15 years experience.
  • Customer approved solutions that are interoperable, scalable and designed to meet specific customer needs