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TRB is a defence and security company steeped in history and tradition. Founded in 1955 as a state-owned enterprise with two workshops for the maintenance, repair & overhaul of vehicle systems, we grew to become the Yugoslav Armed Forces Main Depot, with over 1,500 employees and 22,000 m2 of covered manufacturing and warehouse space. Charged with designing, manufacturing, maintaining, refurbishing and upgrading the country’s national land systems, decades of invaluable skills and knowledge are harnessed and passed from generation to generation through continuous training, professional development, and mentoring.

A trustworthy partner for cooperation and transfer of technologies, TRB quickly established its position as an integrator of comprehensive national defence and security solutions. Innovation and product development remain pillars of our strong manufacturing foundation.

Based on a recent act of parliament, we completed the process of privatization, wherein the Government of the Republika Srpska initially retains a minority stake. The retention of Government participation provides a foundation of commercial contracts in support of raising national defence and security capabilities.

Our superior, wide-ranging products & services portfolio has been honed through decades of experience and continuous research & development. Combining in-depth knowledge of the utility and integration of East & West technologies, we work closely with our customers and trusted partners to develop, engineer, manufacture and support products and integrated solutions tailored specifically to individual customers’ requirements.

Supporting the protection of national security and assets, TRB products and services enhance national defence capability. We build indigenous capacity and capability whenever possible, through skills and knowledge transfer.

Responsible business conduct matters a great deal to us. Our commitment to the highest ethical standards guides our every action and decision.

TRB is built on experience and a strong heritage, yet we constantly strive to improve. Our most precious resource is our employees; a cadre of highly skilled professionals with the engineering and technical know-how needed to support our business and put into practice our corporate responsibility policies.

Investment in training and development programs helps our employees achieve their full potential while securing and enhancing the skills necessary to remain abreast of developments in technology. Helping us remain globally competitive, this also allows us to attract, retain and develop talent from all backgrounds. As will all TRB practices, when building indigenous capacity and capability, we practice what we preach.

Community support - Social responsibility and continued commitment to development of the community in which we operate is of immense importance to us. Through our Community Investment program, working together with local and national organizations, we provide support to and build good relationships with our local community.

Our clients are our partners. We remain truly committed to the highest levels of service & lifecycle support in every product built and every solution delivered.